About the group

About the group

Fahd Al-Rasheed Group Company is a Saudi national institution working in the field of food trade and cooked and uncooked catering services. The group was established in 1402 AH – 1981 AD according to the certificate of incorporation issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and its management supervisor is Mr. (Fahd Abdul Rahman Al-Rasheed), Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The institution is still strongly present through various activities in providing uncooked subsistence services and meals, establishing and operating school administrations, many cafeterias and buffets in many ministries and government departments, and integrated catering projects for two downloads, in addition to its specialized services for a month and for more than ten thousand individuals from the government agreement in this regard. We also specialize in many fields, especially general contracting for buildings, maintenance, cleaning, restoration and operation of buildings and facilities, road works, fences and tunnels, preventing the dangers of floods, electrical and electronic works, maintenance, operation and cleaning of buildings, air conditioning and refrigeration works, water and sanitation works, landscaping and landscaping gardens and sports fields, and city cleaning, and the life of the group is specialized in that. For its staff department, all individuals, departments and workers are employed with the main experience and expertise of the Board of Directors to tell it of twenty-four years in these fields.
(And others were happy with a high-quality product, so our motto is to produce that product of high quality and beauty and the lowest cost for workers)

Group vision:

Excellence and mastery in the field of subsistence and food supply in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Group message:

To be the most widespread and high-quality company in the field of catering, through a cooperative work team that continuously meets the needs and expectations of customers with high quality and competitive value.

Group goals:

Group Policy:

Fahd Abdul Rahman Al-Rasheed Group Company provides its services in the field of catering and catering to all relevant sectors through a package of diversified projects to satisfy customers and meet their needs, and comply with international quality specifications ISO 9001:2015.
Al-Rasheed Group Company also trains the work team to understand the policy and apply it periodically, and the team participates in constantly reviewing and developing the policy to reach the highest levels in achieving customer requirements and exceeding their expectations.
This policy and its associated procedures and instructions apply fully to all company services, and this policy has been communicated to all employees, beneficiaries and external suppliers, and made available to stakeholders appropriately.
1- Applying and following all international systems and specifications, especially Saudi Arabia, in all the fields that we provide and work in. If the client requests different standards, we meet his requirements, whatever they are.
2 – We apply the highest standards in providing catering, supply and service services, the finest types of food materials, and the highest levels in the various construction and finishing stages that meet all customers’ needs. We are fully aware of the new technologies and methods present in the market.
3- We provide smart services to every client and we consider every new project a new challenge for us
4- Follow the highest means of coordination between all specialties, departments and sites inside and outside the group
5 – We have a list of the best and finest suppliers and equipment in all the fields in which we work
6- We are proud that our group holds international quality certificates, ISO 9001

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