Chairman's speech

Fahd Abdul Rahman Al Rasheed

Fahd Abdul Rahman Al Rasheed

Chairman of Board of Directors

Chairman’s speech

In the name of God, praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon His most honorable prophets and messengers.

Since the founding of Fahd Al-Rasheed Group Company in 1981 AD, the group has been able to find values and concepts in all the sectors in which it operates, and over four decades it has taken many bold steps and invested in many business fields.

When the Fahd Al-Rasheed Group was just an idea in our field of vision, its name came to sum up a dream that we had always sought to achieve – and after years of work and planning, the Fahd Al-Rasheed Group achieved leadership in its fields, which confirms that it is the first group.

In several fields, such as nutrition, trade, industry, construction, and contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thus proving that: “A dream planned with conscious thought is worthy of success.” And with the grace of God and the success of Him Almighty, the journey continues to consolidate the Fahd Al-Rasheed Group’s leadership with the thought and hands of its children, partners, and all its employees.

Modern thinking, creativity and innovation are among the most important foundations on which the group was built, since the beginning of the growth and prosperity of the investment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The basic principle that governs the work of the Fahd Al-Rasheed Group is “strength through diversity, which is the common denominator that enables us to commit firmly.” Our promise to our customers, partners and employees.

Our strength is the result of the ever-expanding scope of our industrial and commercial activities that we manage through more than 13 industrial and commercial establishments in the field of subsistence, construction and trade contracting, supported by long financial, administrative and operational experience. Over the past 30 years, we have sought to take bold steps towards unprecedented expansion, and today we clearly see the fruits of our painstaking efforts, as we have transformed from a small investment company into a large company specialized in many industries and specialized services, thus becoming an example to follow among its peers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We at Fahd Al-Rasheed Group have before our eyes a future vision that we seek to achieve in accordance with the capabilities it possesses and our vision is to be one of the leading companies with a tangible presence globally by implementing distinctive projects and maintaining the same level of reliability and high quality of performance that distinguishes Fahd Al-Rasheed Group.

Our mission and mission are to implement high-quality projects at the best costs and within the specified timelines by employing and supporting flexible, motivated work teams with clear and specific direction and goals. We appreciate the importance of distinguished working relationships and will always strive to ensure right and fairness in our dealings with our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. We are proud. We are very proud of our achievements and we build on them day by day.

The achievements we have achieved have had a profound impact, in that they do not make us remain stagnant or reduce our dreams, but rather generate within us new dreams for broader horizons that push us to continue on the same path and preserve our legacy of excellence and leadership, praying to God to grant us success in that.

The real challenge is to continue this excellence and success, and this will only be possible through the relentless pursuit of more continuous development, and that is dear to God. We hope that we have achieved part of what we aspire to, and we have a lot in store for you, and a large part of our success is our constant communication with you and our fruitful cooperation with you, which is what we always and forever aspire to.

Chairman of Board of Directors

Fahd Abdul Rahman Al Rasheed