Group companies

Fahd Abdul Rahman Al-Rasheed Group Company consists of more than 14 companies specialized in various fields, as described, and they are as follows:

  1. Fahd Al Rasheed Trading Company was established in 1402 AH
  2. Al-Wafada Contracting Company was established in 1424 AH
  3. Hayat Factory for scented wipes, established in 1419 AH
  4. Smart Eyes Company for Security Guards was established in 1426 AH
  5. Fajr Al Hayat Trading and Marketing Establishment was established in 1425 AH
  6. Anaam Beladi Trading and Contracting Company Limited was established in 1423 AH
  7. Al-Qabas International Company for Management and Operation Services was established in 1426 AH
  8. Liquidity World Trading Company was established in 1431 AH
  9. Abdul Aziz Al Rasheed Company was established in 1433 AH
  10. -Al-Rowad Modern Technology Company, founded in 1438 AH
  11. Model Sources Foundation
  12. Rahsha Industrial Company