Sectors in which the group operates

This sector includes food trade, cooked and uncooked subsistence services, and catering. We have improved our services to meet the various needs of the Saudi market in both the governmental and private sectors alike, through the activities of providing subsistence services and school meals, and establishing, operating, and managing many canteens in ministries, government departments, and residential and commercial complexes. And food supply projects for workers, in addition to providing our specialized services to many parties in more than fifteen thousand branches in each Hajj season.

This sector includes a number of institutions and companies that work in the trade of livestock and fodder and the supply of meat to many subsistence and livestock supply companies as follows:
1- Establishing, managing and operating slaughterhouses and tanning leather of all types, medium and final finishing.
2- Wholesale and retail trade in foodstuffs
3- Crispy Meal restaurant chain
4- Security guards, which provide services to the government and private sectors, such as the University of Tabuk, Bisha, and others

Fajer of Life Factory:

It manufactures halva, liquid tahini, and halva.

Hayat Tissue Factory

Feed and cow farm in Romania.