Success Partners

Entities affiliated to the Ministry of Defense and Aviation and the General Inspectorate

Catering services

Ministry of Interior (security authorities)

Catering services

General Directorate of Civil Defense

Catering services

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (Social Welfare Homes)

Catering services

Riyad Bank

Arab Bank

Alinma Bank

The Ministry of Education

Catering services

Technical and Vocational Training Corpration

Catering services

Project of the Kingdom's slaughterhouses for sacrifices and sacrificial animals, Al-Muaisem, Makkah Al-Mukarramah


University of bisha

janitorial services

Grain Silos

janitorial services

Dallah Hospital

janitorial services

University of Tabuk

janitorial services

OKAM Company

Ghali Group Company

Conditioning and cooling

Watania for Poultry

Ibn Zaqr Company

Horizon Company

Arab Cooperative Co

AMS Baeshen &Partners Co

Nadec Company

Afia International

Almarai Company